Overall description:

The skull and bones line for Viaje has been one of its main and most popular production cigar from the original daisy cutter.  This is the first Viaje Skull and Bones that was made as store exclusive for R. Field Wine Co for an event in June, 2017.  It is produced in 2 sizes, a 56 RG and a 58 RG, and limited to 50 bundles of 25 in each size.

For more information:  contact Marvin Chang (marvinchang@foodland.com)


Vitola:  5 x56

Wrapper:  Criollo ‘98

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan


Initial:  The construction of the cigar is solid.  It is firm throughout, with no imperfection.  The wrapper is veiny and light brown in nature.  The foot gives off nice aromas of cocoa and cedar.  The dry draw reinforces the initial foot notes.

Prelight:  The initial hit off toasting the foot produces a spicy yet sweet leather taste in the nose and on the tongue.  Makes my mouth water, I can’t wait to burn this.



1st Third:

  1. Leather
  2. Dark Cocoa
  3. Cedar

2nd Third

  1. Dark Cocoa
  2. Roasted Chili peppers
  3. Leather

Final Third

  1. Cedar
  2. Red pepper
  3. Leather

Total Time:  2 hr 5 min

Overall:  Medium bodied.  This is definitely a change of pace from the regular skull and bones cigars that are produced.  Lots of leather and dark cocoa coat your palate with a medium bodied experience.  The pepper and spice that hit towards the 2nd and final third of the cigar are  a welcome addition to the palate and retrohale.  The flavors are reminiscent of a spicy bar of dark chocolate.  The leather and cedar notes remind you that you are smoking a cigar and not eating a piece of that chocolate.  Viaje has done Marvin right with this offering, and if there are any left at the shop, you should grab one.  Very enjoyable

  • Leather 100%
  • Cocoa 67%
  • Cedar 67%
  • Pepper 67%
  • Animal (Leather) 100%
  • Roasted (Cocoa) 67%
  • Wood 67%
  • Spice 67%
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