IPCPR 2016 Day 1:  Trident and Sully

The Day of IPCPR starts fairly early with a breakfast, and presentation by Jon Taffer from “Bar Rescue.”  He discussed multiple different aspects of the cigar industry, His talk was mostly geared towards retailers, specifically revealing secrets to running a successful enterprise and how to elicit the right reactions from their customers.

Entering the show floor and looking around you actually feel dwarfed by the cigar industry.  There are many cigar manufacterers and accessory manufactures including lighters, cutters, humidors, humidification, and pretty much anything that anyone would need to open up and operate a successful Brick and Mortar

Here is just a sampling of the booths we visited today:

Swinger Cigars:

Swinger Cigars is  golf themed cigar company, owned and run by Ryan Gallimore.  His initial launch was in 2014 and debuted his two core lines, “The Front 9” and “Back 9.”  At last years IPCPR he released the “1895” which is based off of the “US Open.”  Today, he debuted the cigars that will be related to the other Majors including 1860, 1916, 1934, and Dos Anos.  Also, he released his limited line “The Hole in One.”  The cigars are slated to release later this year or early next year.

Cubariqueno Cigar Company:

We had the Pleasure of chatting briefly with Juan Cancel and Bill Ives about the History, the background and also their new releases.  the name Protocol for the cigar line stems from a story when they first started blending cigars.  They were told that the blend would be the easiest part and the name would be the most difficult of the process.  After multiple different tries with names, and discovering that they were all either in use, or already trademarked, they were getting ready to give up for the day, while drinking Ron Zacapa XO they happen to run out.  In a lightly Enebrieated state Bill said “what do you mean there is no more?  Isn’t it Standard Protocol to have Ron Zacapa in the house?” And then the name Protocol was born.  This year at IPCPR they are releasing the Protocol Lancero, and the Protocol Probable Cause.”

Foundation Cigar Company:

Foundation Cigar Company debuted at IPCPR 2015 with El Gueguense and are releasing multiple new lines this year including: The Upsetters, The Tabernacle, and Charter Oak in a Connecticut natural and maduro. The expectations for the Tabernacle are very high from the team, and also from the consumers, with almost equally as high expectations for the Charter Oak cigars.  Look for them on shelves shortly after the show


Roberto P Duran:

We had the pleasure of speaking with Miguel Schoedel to discuss the new lines and line extensions by RPD.  One of the most anticipated releases is the Neya Texas Tactical Lancero.  This cigar will be released all over the nation, paying homage to Texas.  Also a couple new lines, The “Azan Blue,” and also “Factory Blend #5.”


Arandoza Cigars:

Robert Arango discussed his current production line, The Blue Label, White Label, and also the Red Label which have all been rated 90 or greater, and also his new lines “Defcon,” and also “5th Anniversary.”  Look forward to seeing his lines in your local BNMs later this year.


Caldwell Cigar Company:

This brand needs no introduction.  They have been having a very busy trade show on day 1, and were more than generous with their time to come explain some of the new offerings from Caldwell Cigar Company.  The new cigars are blend variations of some of their more popular lines.  “The Midnight Express” is a Maduro version of “The Eastern Standard” and will be readily available to ALL Caldwell accounts, while “The Savages” will only be available to existing accounts.  A nice surprise was to see a Culebra in the booth.  It is based off of a blend that was previously produced in Cuba.  The Culebra is a collaboration of Robert Caldwell, and the original blender William Ventura.

Caldwell Cigar Company also announced that it will be distributing and producing La Barba cigars with Tony Bellato, and also a new cigar “One and Only.”  It is a 6x50 Toro Extra which will have an MSRP around $12.50, and are expected to hit shelves shortly after IPCPR.


MoyaRuiz Cigar, Inc

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nelson Ruiz and Danny Moya to discuss their upcoming new release the Civil Disobedience and the La Jugada Claro which are both ready to be released nationally after IPCPR. We sat down at beautiful custom domino table that Nelson and Danny planned on giving away as a raffle prize to their retailers before the end of the event. There were two available and they are custom works of art. Nelson offered Sully the La Jugada Habano and he enjoyed the flavor and complexity the cigar provided.

Leaf by Oscar

Leaf by Oscar has a very interesting concept cigar, which is a completely natural product from the Tobacco that is in the cigar, to the band, and the outer wrappings.  This year they have released a new Lancero and Robusto that will be produced in every wrapper selection.


Andre Farkas has continued to produce his Zombie related themed cigars each year, and this year is no different.  Early this year the new zombie biohazards were released at the regular zombie release date.  At IPCPR he debuted The Farmer Bill Hatchet Zombie.  Along with this release he also has another white label project, “The Birthday Blend” which will be released in 38 count boxes, because Andre has recently celebrated his 38th Birthday.  Finally, one of his more popular ideas where he has collaborated with other cigar manufactures has been renamed this year to “Juntos” which means Together.  It will come in a 20 count tube with 10 Torpedos and 10 Toro with an expected MSRP of $14.00 each.  They will have different bands, but will be the same blend.



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