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Viaje Skull and Bones “The Hulk”

Overall description: The skull and bones line for Viaje has been one of its main and most popular production cigar from the original daisy cutter.  This is the first Viaje Skull and Bones that was made as store exclusive for R. Field Wine Co for an event in June,...
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Gispert Intenso

Overall description: The name Gispert should be no surprise to anyone.  It has been a name in the industry since pre-revolution in Cuba.  The Intenso is the first line addition from Nicaragua, and Is made to appeal to the medium to full bodied cigar lover.  It is a...
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Warped La Colmena Black Honey (2017)

Overall description: Warped Cigars finally released the Black Honey again.  It is similar to its original release from 2015 in size and make-up, along with factory.  The Black Honey uses an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper that is found on the El Oso line, with the...
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Drew Estate Undercrown Sungrown Flying Pig

Overall Description: Debuting at IPCPR 2017, this is the 3rd line in the popular Undercrown umbrella.  The Maduro, and also the shade have started the line off strong, and this addition will hammer away at the piece of the market that Drew Estate has not hit yet with...
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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida

Vitola: Fino Largo (6x48) Wrapper: USA Connecticut River Valley Broadleaf Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan Price: $8.55   Overall description: Mi Querida (pronounced “me kay-ree-dah”) literally translates as “my dearest”, however it is a rather provocative word...
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The Leaf and Libations website was founded in 2015 on the premise of providing unbiased flavor profiles of cigars and various libations that go along with the cigars. The cigars, accessories and drinks that have been and will be reviewed for the site have all be purchased by a local Brick and Mortar (B&M), or one we have visited on our travels, or they have been gifted to us.
Simply put, we are a group of friends that enjoys getting together and smoking cigars and discussing them. We have all gotten to know each other over the last few years because of cigars, and the lively discussions that have gone along with those cigars. We all have a few things in common, but one of the best features is that we all currently live in Michigan. Having a herf is always a highlight and gives us a great opportunity to relax, and discuss our hobbies, namely cigars and all things associated with them. Each one of us has a fairly robust and unique flavor profile, and long list of likes and a small list of dislikes. We are always available to meet up, pour a dram of scotch, and ash a fine cigar.
The Leaf and Libations website is a hobby for us, one that we truly enjoy and are very passionate about. The labor of love, namely the website, gives us a reason for a “night out” and a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of regular life. We are looking forward to sharing this hobby with all of you. Thanks for visiting us.


Ardbeg Dark Cove

Country of Origin: Scotland-Isla Brand: Ardbeg Series: Dark Cove Committee release 2016 Price: $133 Overall Description: THE DARKEST ARDBEG EVER Take this whisky and hide it well.  for its heart has been matured in DARK SHERRY CASKS.  Importing waves of treacle...
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Our Reviewers

Trident aka Roman

I’m a solid product of the 1980’s and love everything about that decade…well almost. But anyway, we are here to discuss some cigar business. I have been enjoying cigars since the late 1990s, and my first box purchase was when I was 18 years old, and I still remember what it was. It’s definitely a shame.

Grumpy aka Dan

I was 18 on a family vaction in Playa Del Carmen when my uncle and dad brought back fresh rolled cigars from Cozumel.  They had a few extra and asked if I wanted to try.  The relaxation, bonding, and laughter that followed during that first cigar started a life journey that has influenced every aspect to who I am.

Hatchet aka Drew

Spring 2012 was my year of enlightenment, I bought my first cigar and quickly discovered a new passion, a moment of relaxation i was missing, a new community of friends. I also enjoy a glass of whiskey neat, fast cars, guns, golf,


Bear aka Matt

 I am 41 years old and currently reside in South West Michigan. I have been smoking cigars seriously since 1994. Over that time period, my palate has evolved to really prefer and gravitate to Nicaraguan puros/blends.  I would consider myself more of a boutique

Lucky Bastard aka Josh

Born in ‘82
Lifetime resident of the Mitten and proud husband and father of three beautiful kids. I began my foray into this cigar hobby in 2012 when a friend of my brother’s allowed me into his home and handed me my very first cigar…

Sully aka Phil

Born and raised in the great city of Chicago. I became enamored with cigars in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. I enjoy cigars with tobacco from all over the world. My favorite tobacco comes from Indonesia with Nicaragua coming…

Sticks aka Brad

My journey into cigars started probably like a lot of people’s, I turned 18 and ran to the store to buy myself a pack of backwoods and swishers.  Who didn’t love those high quality cigars back in the days of being naive.  I would go to the local store and pick up a hand rolled here and there but really had no idea what I was grabbing…


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